Here I will write little things that I am thinking about throughout the day. My life as a mother and wife is very busy, but I have loads of funny (at least I think it is funny) comments and adventures that happen everyday.
I was watching Ronald play Zelda, and he was struggling with the motion controls.

Me: Let me try
Ronald: Here! I bet you can't do it either.

I completed the task in a few minutes and laughed at him. 

Me: Don't tell me I can't!
The Nintendo Switch came out. My husband took all the pain of selling our Wi, and games, but he couldn't buy the new consule. Poor Ronald.
This phase where all articles of clothing need to be in their perfect spot is driving me insane. I wonder if I was ever this picky about clothing.
Our English Bulldog sniffs my daugher's bag filled with dirt, and pine cones.

Daughter: "Pickles it isn't yours."

Our poor Mr. Pickles.